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Hey everyone, I hope you guys are having a great Summer so far. :aww: Me, well...things could be better, but I can't really complain. I do my best not to complain. I mean, I realize I have it a lot better than so many people in the world right now, so I think I'm good. ;) I'm still in limbo with finding a new job. I've heard about how hard some college graduates have it in finding jobs once they graduate. I honestly didn't think it was that bad, I know. It's very difficult out there finding jobs, especially when you have to do it all by yourself and the jobs that you do really don't want. :O_o: But you have to keep on trying, that's all. :aww:

Other than that, nothing really all that new with me. I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day as well as Father's Day. I made sure I spent time with my mom and called my dad. Being a parent has to be one of the most difficult yet satisfying job on the planet. Yes, kids will drive you wild and bonkers, kids will make you want to pull your hair out. :frustrated: But in the end, when it's night time and those kids give you a kiss and say they love's all worth it, I'm sure. :thanks: So here's to all the quality moms and dads out there. Even though the world is in turmoil right now, we'd be nowhere without you. :blowkiss: I did have an ear infection a while ago, but it's all cleared up. Hopefully I don't get them so frequently like I used to when I was little. ^^; Anyway, I'm still working on my Okami No Hime story, and again, I want to thank all of you who was mature and respectful enough to take the time and read. :bow: I'm also researching Yoruba African mythology and culture for my next upcoming novel, The Light Of The Gods. It's fun and I know it'll be unique because this has never really been explored by authors of fiction. I mean, honestly, Greek and Roman mythology is getting old now in Children's and Young Adult fiction. How many times can you read about some Greek god and mortal kids rushing to save the if the Greek and Roman gods are the ONLY gods around? :roll:  Wish me luck. That's it with me. Thank you all who have supported me and commented on my works. You're truly treasures. :blowkiss:

*EDIT- Okay, I've gotten quite a bit of questions and comments on what I recently wrote about my upcoming original novel series. Yes, that's right, I said series. For the first time, I'm actually going to do an ORIGINAL series, not a fanfiction, which I'm actually kind of nervous about. ^^; I'm sure I posted a sneak peek at the main characters that will star in it, but I guess most must have missed it. So without further ado, here is the descriptions of the characters from my story once again:

 The working title of it is called "The Light Of The Gods" and it'll deal with African, Caribbean, and Black American teens being the "avatar" of African gods in our world and them working together to stop the evil Kokou, an high-ranked, evil African warrior Undergod. If you don't know, an "avatar" is when a human is chosen to be the earthly body for a god when they want to come to the Earth plane, as most cannot exist in physical form. Basically they will be "possessed" by the gods. The teens are chosen to be the avatars because they carry the blood of ancient African kings or queens, and only royalty is thought to be an avatar for a god. So far, I have about 7 characters which will be the avatars:

Billie McKnight - Black American and the avatar of Aja, African goddess of forest and the wild, as well as goddess of herbal healers. She's a bit of a tomboy, but does have a little feminine side. Aja is thought to be the inspiration to the Greek goddess Artemis (Diana in Roman version).

Hazelyn Wilkins - Half Black American, half Italian, avatar to Oshun, African goddess of love, beauty, wealth, and diplomacy. She's the "girly-girl" of the group and detests messiness. Sweating a little... She may be a bit of a snob, but inside, she really does have a good heart. The Greek goddess Aphrodite (Venus) is proven to be based Oshun.

Dante Jefferies - Black American, avatar to Ogun, African god who presides over iron, hunting, politics, creativity, truth, accidents, and war. He is the patron of blacksmiths and weapon-making. Hephesteus, the Greek god of fire and weaponry (Vulcan in Roman version) is heavily influenced by Ogun.

Kwame Jones - Originally from Nigeria, but adopted, and avatar to Eshu, god and protector of travelers, deity of roads (particularly crossroads), the deity with the power over fortune and misfortune, and the personification of death (a psychopomp), who are said to lead souls to the afterlife. He's the jokester of the group and is a bit of a trouble-maker. Sweating a little...Hermes (Mercury in Rome), the Greek god of travelers, thieves, and the guide to souls to the Underworld is said to have been based on Eshu.

Maybelle Smith - From Jamaica and the avatar to the Ayao, the African warrior goddess of air. Although not the oldest, she is the maternal one of the group and cares deeply for her friends. She never likes to see anyone she loves get hurt. Khaos, the Greek goddess and personification of the skies and the atmosphere is derived from Ayao.

Antonio Sanchez - Half Black American, half Puerto Rican. He is the avatar of Shango, god of lightning and thunder. For someone being the host to the god of violent storms, he'll be sort of a quiet guy, especially around girls. But when he does have a crush, he can be a lady's man. ;) (Wink) It is said the Greek sky god Zeus (Jupiter) himself is based and derived from the powerful Shango.

Keisha Sowande - Parents are from Nigeria, but born in America...and albino (a Black or colored person with very light skin and blonde hair). She is the avatar of Yemaja, goddess of the ocean, the essence of motherhood, and a fierce protector of children.She's smart, but sometimes a loner, due to her looks, but once she makes friends, she sticks by them. Yemaja is wildly thought of as the inspiration to Thetis, Greek goddess of the oceans, seas, and water. 

So there you have it so far. All of them are gods and goddess of the Yoruba mythology. I don't know if I'll make anymore, but we'll see. Let me know what you think. ;) (Wink) One of biggest reasons I chose the Yoruba is because these gods have been known and worshipped for close to 8,000 years, and it really amazed me that barely anyone knew about them. :faint: Anyway, thanks, and again, please let me know what you think! :D
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Hoshino Ai
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