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Hey everyone! :w00t!: I hope everybody is having a good Summer so far. Hopefully it was filled with spending time with family, traveling, and just relaxing on vacation. :thanks: Unfortunately I didn't get to do what I hoped to this year, but hopefully next year, things will get better and I'll be a little happier. :D I also hope this year, dads all over had a great Father's Day. Here's to you, all you dads out there. :salute: As for me, nothing all that great or new. Sometimes I don't even want to do journals because I don't want to bore everyone with saying the same thing over and over again. ^^; But yeah, still hanging on in there, despite all the craziness going on in the world right now. I'm still working on my Legacy Of The Gods story. I honestly have to say, writing an original story is a bit harder than doing fanfiction, even after all these years from leaving the Sailor Moon world. With fanfiction, you already have established characters, worlds, powers...all that stuff. But with original stories, you basically have to start from scratch, which isn't as easy as it seems. :faint: But you know, when you do establish your characters, plots, and's actually a bit more fun. You can do what you want with your characters, give them their own personalities, backgrounds, and even relationships. You don't have to follow the "popular" crowd in stupid "shipping" wars and who should be with who because it's "canon" or not. I like that, and it's a great freedom you don't really get in fanfictions. A bit harder, but...more fun.

Speaking of original stories, there's something that I've noticed here on DA that's kind of concerning to me..and I'm sure to other people as well. It does have a bit to do with "popularity" and certain kinds of fans of shows, books, and movies. I've noticed that many fanfictions and fanarts are popular here...some very much more than others, and many original characters are basically ignored and shoved aside. I get that people are attracted to what they see on television shows and movies and such, especially with the teens and young adults. I get it, what you see is what you consider "cool" and "in". But what about original characters and stories? I've seen some awesome characters here that are very well thought-out and designed, with realistic flaws and backgrounds. Characters that I could relate too and care about. I love seeing people come up with characters that could easily hold their own in anime, cartoons, and even movies, even video games. And it's so refreshing that I'm seeing an awesome amount of ETHIC characters as well. Many of them are not perfect...they have setbacks, flaws, and situations that would happen to anyone today, and I admire that. I've also read some stories here that are absolutely amazing! I cheered, I laughed, shed a tear for some stories I've read here. Some of them are heck of a lot better that some anime and cartoons on now, especially Cartoon Network. But sadly, these are the ones that are ignored, and that's actually hurtful and sad. Why? Why aren't these amazing characters and stories given a chance? Is it because they're not "cool" or do people here just don't know?

What I've also noticed is that if any of these original character ARE given any acknowledgement, it's usually because they are gay or bisexual, and most comments are given by those rabid yaoi and yuri fangirls. Are you kidding me? :O_o: So because an original character happens to be straight, they are pushed aside, but if he or she is gay, it's all "SQUUUEEEEE! Look, it's two guys kissing!! Isn't it CUTE? Aren't gay people just the coolest? I LOVE gay! Do more! Look, I'm doing it too, don't you think I'm cool too?" What gives? How is it that whether a FICTIONAL character is gay or straight means whether they get recognition or not? Why should it matter? Why all this screaming and crying for gay characters and stories in order for a story to be read? Please don't bother commenting and telling me I'm a "homophobe", as most yaoi fans like to accuse if you say anything about this, that's not the point. Why is it that a story's acknowledgement, whether people bother to read it, is based on whether a character is gay or not? What about the story itself, what about how hard the author or artist worked on the characters? In the end, is it ONLY about "SQUEE! They're gay and cute!" ? Is it? Just gay characters and nothing more? Or turning established characters "gay" to make them cute and fun? Or ever over-exaggerate the sexual preference of a character that only show the barest, tiniest hint of being gay?

I've actually thought about leaving DA because of this, perhaps go to Tumblr, but then I realized that Tumblr is even worse with this situation. But then I realized....I've met some AWESOME people here, wonderful friends I've known for a long time and don't want to lose. I've seen some works from amazing artists and authors that I'd love to see more work from.  I don't want to lose that. These friends know who they are. ;) I realize I shouldn't make those rabid yaoi and yuri fans chase me out of there because of their mindsets and squealing. This is a place for EVERYONE and I'm going to do my best to practice and improve my writing skills here. :thanks: Don't get me wrong, I'm not talking about ALL yaoi and yuri fans...thank goodness. It's just that the rabid ones, they're such bullies if you don't think as they do, and ...they can actually be kind of sad. It's a shame that such amazing stories and characters are left out because of them. But hey, what can you do? :shrug:

So, that's just my thoughts on that. I don't know if anyone else feels the same, but that's just me. At any rate, I'm still having fun continuing my stories, and I'm even soon going to do some research on ANOTHER original story I hope to write in the future. :aww: As I've said before, I'm still looking for anyone who is willing to do a commission or art request for me. Please let me know, okay? :D Take care, and enjoy the last days of Summer! :w00t!: :iconbaibaiplz:
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Hoshino Ai
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Skin of choice: Regular. ^^'
Favourite cartoon character: Sailor Venus!!
Personal Quote: "Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eyes. Always be true"

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